10 touching Ramadan ads

Ramadan is soon coming to an end and Muslims from all over the world will make their way back to their hometowns to celebrate Hari Raya with friends and family. The sacred month, which marks the ninth month of the lunar calendar, is observed by refraining from consumption of food and liquid between dawn till sunset with recitation of the complete Holy Quran throughout the period.

The fast goes beyond abstaining from consumables, but also ill thought, malicious words, malcontent behaviours and arguments. Like any tradition brought into the modernised world, leading up to Eid Al Fitr, brands rain its well wishes upon the world in the form of advertisements and campaigns.

Since short films are all the rage, we at 80 Quartier shifted through numerous Ramadan long commercials to bring you our top 10 heartstring pulling shorts:

Maxis – Wayang Sayang

Can love truly ever die? The 4-minute video follows a couple putting up a show in front of others as a happily married duo. When ‘cut’ is called, they go their separate ways and distain replaces embrace. At the will reading of the male lead’s father, a note to search for an analogue camera eventually leads the couple to remember the love they once shared when they exchanged vows and said ‘I do’.

MyEG – Gitar Buruk

Your sibling is the friend you didn’t get to choose, but the friend that will always stand by you — thick and thin. The short is narrated by the younger of the two siblings who loves his guitar, a guitar his often irresponsible and childish big brother bought him. As they balik kampung, a series of events including forgetting to renew the car’s road tax, left the brothers stranded with a stalled car. Out of annoyance, the elder sibling broke Robert, the guitar. Anger, fury, recollection and sentiment to eventual forgiveness.

Astro Gempak – Dari Hati Ayah

Based on the true story of Adli and Luqman, the story opens up to the birth of a special child named Luqman. Luqman is autistic and as he grows up into a teenager, the family is dangerously reminded of the challenges that come with raising their child. Adli rises up to his calling after seeing his son observe a worker washing dishes and opens up a humble restaurant, Autism Cafe Project. “I’m proud to call you my son.”

Oppo – Gambar yang Tersimpan

In a world where we have a better relationship with our smartphones than our parents, the near 6-minute short film follows the professional and social life of the lead female Aishah. Since she’s moved to the big city, she’s rarely contacted home and her occasional selfies to her parents have gone from few to none. Little did she know, her mother, being a traditionalist, prints and scrapbooks all her selfies.

TNB – Dugaan Raya Aida

A frantic eldest daughter is rushing to finish her work just before the Raya break. A phone call comes in from her mother and sisters reminding her of their wishful holiday baju becomes her motivation to up the ante, banging out her work in a stealthy manner, baking and selling Raya cookies to make more money and shopping like a pro. On the day she was due to board the bus home, she realises she left her bus ticket in a load of laundry. Uh-oh.

KFC – Joget Abah

Losing a parent is never easy, especially during the holiday, when absence is multiplied and magnified. In a touching retelling of a boy’s first Raya without his father, he goes through bouts of searching for signs of his presence. Failing every time, from flying a kite to hearing his own heartbeat. Only when he stepped into his father’s role, did he really understand how to keep his memories alive.

Celcom – Diari Ramadhan Opah

Three daughters discover arrive home for Raya ahead of their parents. While cleaning and reminiscing on all the good times they’ve spent as children under her watch, they discover a stack of letters from mak which includes her secret recipes. As the daughters band together to replicate her recipes, mak walks in to find them in the kitchen. Over the meal the daughters prepare, mak says, “As long as I’m still here, leave the cooking to me.”

HYPP – Pengorbanan Seorang Bapa

The sacrifices of a loving father. The near 5-minute short opens with two siblings in a physical brawl. Flashback to an earlier time when they fought over four squares of chocolate to which the father dispersed by consuming all four blocks, saying to them that although he’s on a diet, it’s the sacrifice he has to make as a father so they stop fighting. As they become man, a woman becomes the centre of their dispute to which their father eventually solves.

YES – Menyentuh Hari Dari

A daughter working in the big city gives her mother a new smartphone. The mother is so proud and asks her neighbours how to use social media apps that can allow her to connect and see her daughter more often. She makes an Instagram request to which her daughter has avoided. After some time, she finally approves her mother, giving her access to see all her beautiful quirks and happening in the big city, proving that technology can be the bridge between distance.

Petronas – Siapa Jojo?

The king of all Raya ads, Petronas zones in on a story about a cow named Jojo. A granddaughter is asked to bring Jojo down to the patty field before she goes to play by the river. Assisting in the matter, the group of young kids come up with all kinds of ideas to get Jojo to move, but all failing until near dinner time. When the grandfather serves them dinner from their leftover grains from lunch, he explained that Jojo was responsible for planting, grooming and milling of each and every grain they were wasting. And how does one get Jojo to the patty field? Well, it’s quite simple…

Selamat Hari Raya,
80 Quartier


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