Aeon to expand its theme parks segment

2020 seems to mark the year that retailers deliver innovative solutions to tackle the rise of e-commerce.

Japanese retail giant Aeon has announced that it will be expanding on its indoor theme parks and entertainment sector in order to draw in customers. The retailer plans to double the number of its locations to 660 outlets, boosting sales by USD1.13 billion by 2025.

Its subsidiary that operates the theme parks, Aeon Fantasy, will be opening up in 370 locations abroad in the next three years, increasing its presence by 50 per cent. Thirty to 45 of the new outlets will be in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines while a majority, around 200 locations, will be within the cities and provinces of China.

“We will act as the second anchor tenant in commercial facilities,” said Nao Kataoka, president, Aeon Fantasy. The theme parks and entertainment facilities include Kidzoona and coin-operated arcade Molly Fantasy.

Just last month, Aeon Malaysia said that it will continue to expand despite its dip in revenue. According to the latest filing, Aeon Malaysia achieves 90 per cent occupancy among its 26 shopping malls.

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