Amazon uses scare tactics to deter theft in warehouse

Amazon has been using stories of former staff fired for theft to deter current staff from stealing, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The stories, played in a video clip on a flat screen TV in its warehouse describes what, how and the value of item the staff have stolen. The fired staff are not named but represented by a black silhouette with the words ‘terminated’ or ‘arrested’. In warehouses without flat screens, the stories are posted on bulletin boards or wall.

The range of thefts posted varied from small to big items like DVDs, iPad, jewellery, makeup and microwaves. There was also a post about a staff fired for stealing the lunch of a co-worker.

Bloomberg interviewed 11 current and former staff for the report. Many of them said they are more concerned about their wages and workload than the screens while some thought it was offensive.

Security experts are surprised at the extreme tactic by Amazon though they said warning messages are a familiar and an extension of traditional theft-prevention tactics used by businesses.

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