Great Singapore Sale (GSS) launches mobile app

The annual Great Singapore Sale (GSS) this year will feature a free-to-use mobile application, Go Spree, to encourage shoppers to ‘go on a shopping spree’ during the month-long discount soiree.

The mobile app was developed by Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) and will provide users with e-coupons that are redeemable at participating retailers. The app will also feature a directory for all participating retailers.

GoSpree is available in English and Chinese, and can be downloaded via QR codes at retail outlets or on the Apple Store and Google Playstore starting 9 June.

SRA said that it plans maintaining the mobile platform well after the end of GSS. “Being a brick and mortar store doesn’t mean you stay rooted,” said Rose Tong, executive director, SRA. “Given the prevalence of online shopping, we can’t remain only offline or only online. We see the GSS as a platform to launch this app, as well as to get the retail community on board with digital moves.”

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Retail sales in Singapore have been on a steady decline. Last year, it launched an additional nationwide discounting week in order to attract Chinese tourists to spend. The country has been making ample strides in getting SMEs and traditional businesses online.

In 2016, Singapore launched the Retail Industry Transformation map in order to assist retailers to go online and boost productivity.

“We listened hard to feedback from last year, and we felt that we needed to go digital,” said Tong. “We need to make shopping fun, engage the shoppers, provide incentive for shopping and get the buzz out there.”

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