Man destroys Digi stores for unhappy service

This guy did what some of us at some point wanted to do to our telecommunications provider. In an act of frustration (and we’re guessing rage, too), a customer took a golf club and smashed the windows of two different Digi service centres in Sibu, Sarawak yesterday.

In video footages uploaded by Sibu Update, the man had smashed all the glass panels of two stores and destroyed everything surrounding him before fleeing. According to media outlets, the man was unhappy that RM4 of his prepaid credit was deducted everyday.

The two Digi stores attacked were in Medan Mall and Keranji Road. The odd thing is, he arrived at the first location on motorcycle and the next location in a black car. CCTV footages, however, identified the same man was responsible for both attacks.

A security guard at one of the locations sustained minor injuries to his right ear, but otherwise no one else was injured.

The man was apprehended around 5 pm the same day following a tip off. It was revealed later that the man is a 30-year-old who works at a bar.

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