Singapore’s Apple store finally set to open

After nearly seven months and two delays, Singapore’s flagship Apple store is about to open. Located in Orchard Road’s Knightsbridge Mall, the retail store will feature the world’s first Today at Apple, an initiative consisting of Apple technical and creative geniuses to service the market.

Covering the glass panels of the store at the moment is a large mural with Apple’s logo, a heart and a red circle. According to My Apple Singapore’s twitter account, the artwork signifies “Apple loves Singapore.”

The concept behind the red dot representing Singapore came from Indonesian president BJ Habibie’s 1998 speech, calling the small country “the little red dot” that measures just over 50 kilometres but rising to become one of the strongest economies in the world.

The “red dot” is Apple’s attempt to convey a message to local creatives and Apple fanatics that it appreciates them. Across the exterior, smaller versions of the mural with the red dot replaced by artists impressions can be seen. The ‘impressions’ were designed by the 12 Creative Pros hired by Apple for Today at Apple.

“I’m pretty stoked to be able to share what I see, impart my knowledge using my iPhone camera to fellow Singaporeans,” said Aik Beng Chia, Apple Creative Pro.

Following the activation of Today at Apple, the initiative will open across global Apple stores in procession. No date of the official opening has been announced, though spectators are expecting doors to open by the end of the month.

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